Next Chapter

We wanted to give you a new update on our next chapter with CR.IMG_0318

As most of you know, we were very fortunate and qualified for IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) and CR is attending Monday and Wednesday at Children’s Autism Center and Tuesday and Thursday he attends the Preverbal Program at The Callier Center and Friday’s he is at Rehab Services for his Occupational Therapy.

Starting the week of October 5th, this little guy will be preparing to increase his hours and start down a new path of therapies.

We were hoping IOP (from an insurance point) would have lasted to end of year but he did my get the authorized sessions to continue on.  It’s a bummer because when you start seeing progress and then your insurance decided he is finished BUT at least it is getting closer to the end of 2015.

On a good note, we have been interviewing the last few weeks some in-home options and Brad and I truly feel we have a perfect fit for him and our family after yesterdays interview.  This Behavior Analyst was highly recommended from his current BCBA at Children’s and Cody took right to her during the interview.

Her services will incorporate all teaching formats of applied behavior analysis, and she provides parent training, sibling training and basically work on everything from language, play, academic, to social.  She will also focus strongly on collaboration with us and be our advocate with school district meetings when that time comes to ensure we have the right services for Cody for PPCD (preschool program).

She has an undergraduate degree in Speech Pathology and a Masters in Behavior Analysis from UNT. She has been in business 8 years, only focuses on early intervention development (children between 2-5 years old)  and has a team of 7 and only carries 5 cases (children) at one time. Here goal is to get CR to Kindergarten!

Starting October 5th CR will be working with 3 different therapists in our home for 10-15 hours per week. He will finish out semester at Callier which is 6 hours and we will keep his Occupational Therapy on Fridays. (22 hours per week)

Open enrollment for secondary insurance policy is right around the corner  and Brad has been working with the CPA out of Austin.  We’re hoping to get that finalized in November to start January 1, 2016. All goes as planned we will increase his ABA hours 25-35. This method of therapy has shown the quickest results for him.

His progress seems to increase every day and could not be more proud of him.  He giggles and smiles so much more now and we actually joint play and stay engaged with 10-15 toys.  He loves to rough house and singing relaxes him so much.  We found a swing set on the online garage sale and it’s been an AWESOME addition to the house.  Last weekend we were working on his waving good bye and hello at therapy and the entire Storm baseball family at the tournament started working with him too at the games too!  So now he will put his hand up and we are working on actually waving.  We have a double header tomorrow and Sunday so I guess we will get parents to work on that at games!  They all love him!  His newest thing before bedtime is to hang out in Bro’s room and re-arrange Cam’s game balls.  We will catch him saying, “I did it, all done and back pack” but still working on the simple, “up, down, go, stop, etc.” I joke and say if we can get the boy to start talking it will be sentences vs. first words. J

Anywho, please be thinking happy thoughts during this new transition for Cody.  Brad and I are going to sit down this weekend and figure out now how we are going to get our job schedules coordinated!

Plenty of Hugs

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