Was it Odor or Brad?

Yesterday morning I had a nightmare so bad, it literally raised me straight up out of bed.  Now when I tell you about it, you will find parts funny only because of the news this week but let me tell you there was NOTHING funny about it and I literally woke Brad up to snuggle because how much it feared me.  Here goes…..


Cam, Brad and I (not sure where Cody was but my guess would be therapy) were walking down a city street. Out of know where, Brad started sprinting towards a baseball team and threw a punch at one of the players!  No,  it was not Odor from the Texas Rangers, it was Brad and it may have been Barista because he had that coming but I am pretty sure that watching all the media coverage is why part of this nightmare happened. The entire team ganged up on Brad and was throwing punches and kicking to the point where they had dog piled Brad. Cam and I could not see him anymore. I just remember feeling like I could not breath and when I tried to cry out to tell someone to call 911 no words would escape my mouth.  I felt paralyzed.  I remember squeezing Cam’s hand so hard trying to speak out and remember looking around begging everyone to please help.  When I turned my attention back the fight which was all happening about 100 feet in front of us, they were now all on a top of the roof of a tall building, maybe 5 stories and with one quick motion they all fell off the building like one big mass. Almost like it was a bee hive that came loose from a tree with several bees inside the hive. This is when I raised out of bed and immediately looked over at Brad to make sure he was OK.


What the hell? I cannot remember ever having a dream like this.  What does this all mean? Was the raising straight out of bed because of the feeling of falling like you see in movies?  Is it change? Is it stress? It is a fear of the unknown?  So I started reading about different meanings of dreams and here is what I found.

I’m Falling!  This is one of many common dreams where you are falling from a cliff, a building, a rooftop, an airplane or from some higher ground. Contrary to a popular myth, you will not actually die if you do not wake up before you hit the ground from the fall. They say, to understand your falling dream, you need to look to what is going on in your waking life.  Falling suggests loss of control.  When you fall, you have no control and have nothing to hold on to. Thus your falling dream is analogous to a situation in your waking life where you are lacking or losing control. You are feeling overwhelmed, perhaps in school, in your work environment, in your home life or maybe in your personal relationship. You have lost your foothold and unable to keep up with the demands of your daily life.

This is sometimes hard to admit and it’s taken a lot of courage from me to continue to share and write about this but it’s happening right now  We all have times like this in our lives and when I write it all comes clear of how heavy the demands in our lives are this very second.  So what do you do to cope? Make a list.  I did and it became clear to me why I dreamed something so awful.  Will these demands thin out? Sure, they will and how we handle them will only make us stronger.  Just remember to remember YOU.  If you need to cry, do it!  Walk? Go for a walk. Write? Post a blog. Pamper? Hit the spa! Need a drink? Have a Patron!

You get the jest.  All this too shall pass and we need to be ready to interpret your next dream.  Who knows it might be about Hope, Inner Strength or Blue Jays?

“It may be those who do most, dream most.”

Stephen Leacock

Transitioning to a BIG BOY BED this week.
Park visit after a Hair Appointment yesterday that went south.
Why sleep in your BIG BOY BED when you have this comfy rocker?

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