Live in the Moment.

Live in the moment

Saturday morning I was woken up by one of my best friends.  She shared with me that one of our own Camden family members, Summer, was in a tragic airplane crash with her husband Jim on Friday.  When she spoke those words, I had never felt so many goose bumps that ran from the top of my head to the end of my toes.  Just like that, Summer was gone.  I thought to myself, I had just liked a photo she had posted on Instagram just minutes from her death? How can this happen?   Summer was a former boss of mine for a very short time but over the years we worked on projects together and I would see her during my Mentor training’s and of-course our annual Conferences.  She built a brand new marketing team over the last few years and left this world touching the lives of many of these team members.


The last time I got to see Summer was late May at our President’s house where Keith and Sandy opened their home for a dinner for our newest Camden mentors.   We mingled and enjoyed great company with lots of laughs with our Camden family from all over the U.S.  A few weeks before I was in Houston for our our annual Management Conference. I will hold on to a cherished conversation she and I had together during the evening event where the Camden Birds performed.  We thanked each other for various reasons and things we helped each other on for our work.  It was the first time Summer and I connected this way.  I was searching for any kind of peace I could hold on to after hearing such devastating news this weekend and I realized it must have been God’s plan for us to connect like this that evening. She will be missed by so many.

The saying, “Live in the Moment” holds so much truth.  Say I love you often. Tell your best friend how much you cherish your friendship. Tell your family how thankful you are to have them in your life, forgive those that make you angry and move on, compliment a complete stranger, I could go on and on but the message here is live in the moment.  I remind myself of this when I look at my beautiful boys and husband.  It’s good to be a visionary but don’t let it take away the present time either.  That’s when the cherished moments happen.  The moments you talk about years later when you share these experiences.  Enjoy a Sunday afternoon in the pool with your family and turn off the ciaos our world may be in or what might start up next week with therapies and sports, etc.

love you

Grief opens a place in our hearts that we never knew could hurt so profoundly but it also opens this same place to a love we never imagined possible. Tell someone how much they mean to you today. Live in the moment when you get home from work today.  Turn off the news, have a family dinner and share a high and low of your day.

You never know what the next minute could bring.




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Bio My name is Shelley Neustupa. I am a mother of two cool boys and a wife of 22 years to my high school sweetheart. My oldest son attends the University of Oklahoma. Boomer! My youngest is in 2nd grade and was diagnosed with Autism and Mixed Receptive Expressive Disorder at age 2. Since his diagnosis, I promised him I would advocate and educate as hard as he works each day in therapy. I began writing and have been able to touch many parents that may be new to this journey providing them with actual experiences (not candy coated), support and resources through my entries. Writing is my therapy and my hope one day that my nonverbal son will be able to take these diaries and speak about his own journey and how autism relates to his own experiences. Who knows he and his older brother may become National Speaker’s one day? Come along on our journey to better understand our lives through the eyes of a boy with autism, his Skilled Companion dog Jude, his big brother (and best friend) and mom and dad. My raw vulnerability captures the everyday moments of our journey and will bring even more awareness. A week does not go by where we do not learn something new about ourselves and I want to share these chapters with you. My Sons Undeniable Strengths… Extremely smart and figures out things quickly. Has a memory that allows him to remember more things than I could ever hope for. Persuasive by his personality and sheepish looks. Overabundance of stamina and strength. Loves the outdoors. Enjoys life and always has fun with an unforgettable smile. You can find us here: Writer: Autism Through His Eyes Facebook Instagram YouTube Pinterest Canine Companions for Independence News Interview Cody and Skilled Companion Jude - Our Story

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