So, Is it better to save the best for last?

My head has been full this past 7 days with a lot pride, worry, respect, determination, fear and love.  I literally had so much writing going at once in my journaling this week that if you were to have picked it up by accident, you would have thought it was a place where different people were leaving comments instead of just being one person with a jumbled mixed emotion head.  I would bounce back and forth or think about something else and then finding myself with a ton of unrelated words scrolling along my computer screen.  All of which I wanted to capture in some capacity but at this point they were in a scattered fashion.


Earlier this week as I was sorting through all these 1000’s of words on my computer screen and finally making sense with them all, I ended up writing three entries in my boys blog. Two of them you may have already read, Family Tradition and My Letter to Cody.  In my mind, I wanted to save the best for last but I am struggling with this saying because I have such love and respect for Cameron and his bond with his brother and of course sharing our family traditions.  And today is another HUGE milestone for Cody Rivers and could not be so proud and anxious to share with you all his progress.

So, Is it better to save the best for last?

 Perhaps for the majority of us, we say it in passing with sarcasm attached to it.  For me, I believe it’s not. I would agree that the last bite of your taco does taste the best.   And if I were interviewing mentors, the last candidate you might consider typically the best or worst for the job because the last in a series of options is the most memorable.

But I also agree putting the best first. You show yourself what it’s like for you to be at your best, which helps motivate you to continue seeking resources necessary so that you can continue performing at your very best.

I chose to share the best at the beginning and the end.

Here goes.  As you know Cody Rivers works a very hard 45 hours a week where most of his goals are all communication driven with some cognitive thinking and motor skills filtered in but primarily all focused toward verbalizing.  He has conditioned his self and will cat nap in between on random days when he feels he has had enough.

I want you to think about this.  A child’s language skills develop at different rates.  Most children will be able to master a FEW sight words by the time they are 4 years old.  They say, a good goal is that children should master 20 sight words by the end of Kindergarten and 100 site words by the end of First grade.

You may recall when we discovered that Cody learned his colors, shapes, numbers and alphabet and most of this was taught through video modeling. He would watch between therapies a series of DVD’s that were called Preschool Prep that focused on these subjects.  Since this discovery, we are now working on him vocalizing these words.  In addition, I went ahead and purchased the next series which was Levels 1-3 on Sight Words.

This past weekend, my mother in law said it would be interesting now that Cody has been watching this next series of the DVD’s for the past 4 weeks, to see how much he has retained of these. I thought it was a brilliant idea and found no reason for us to wait to ask the therapists to do the probing.  I took some index cards that had the alphabet drawn on them, flipped them over and started writing each site word.  I had Cody come sit at table with me and laid out 3 words and requested for him to show me the word.  He literally mastered EVERY SINGLE WORD!  I sent a quick text to his BCBA and she mentioned to take the same words and make them all caps and in different ink colors and mix them in your current index cards.  This is literally video of his first time with multiple exemplars added. Watch the magic unfold.

Click here to watch video.

Since then, we have incorporated the words they are working with him on into the sight words I am working on and he has been doing a fabulous job this week receptively picking them out and in some cases repeats it would a vocal!  We are currently up to 45 words which would be at the development of a kindergartner half way through his/her school year! Still looking like he may read before he speaks.

Love watching him studying the function of the ball drop in these photos:

Another mystery to me on how brilliant his minds work. He can recognize 45 sites words at 4 years old yet struggles saying the word “Go.” Until all the pieces fit…..we will never stop.

Proud of Our Veterans today and Team Cody!



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