Kindergarten: Circle Time

I never keep my feelings sheltered and instantly felt the need to express them today.  So many emotions when I look at this photo.


Nervous.  Excited.  Scared.  Hopeful.  Blessed.

Nervous:  Will his teacher know his Cody-isms?  When she is in front of the classroom and gives instructions, will he listen or give his nervous laugh or select on his iPad, I want run?  Will he look down at his communication device and start selecting random words over and over to escape like, Kelly Clarkson or Dining Room?  Will he then forget everything she says? But once she repeats and he completes the first step will he not be able to remember the next steps?  Will he then get frustrated or embarrassed because he can’t remember no matter how hard he tries?  Will he ask her to repeat the instructions verbally or through his iPad? Will it make him want to give up and type on his iPad, “Done. All Done. I want All Done.”  Or will he share that winning smile and complete the task with success?

Excited:  It will be a year of many “firsts.”  He will be exploring uncharted territory.   Just today, he was chosen to share the “letter of the day” with his entire Kindergarten room.  I was thinking about him standing in front of all his peers for the first time.  Deep down, was he scared? Or was he empowered? Did he like being in front of his peers?  This is new for us all. We are all not sure what to expect but he has great educators guiding and nudging him along the way.  Just look at his smile and her hand over hand at the same time her arm is draped across his shoulders to give him a sense of protection.

Scared:  I know I need to brace myself.  A whole slew of new issues will come up that Brad and I and our school team will need to handle. But, I need to remember every new issue that arises is an new opportunity for Cody to grow and learn. Change is difficult. Struggle means progress.

Hopeful:  Will he fit in with his peers?  Will he make a new friend? Will he take chances that challenge him?  Will he push his self to do new things? Will he be more engaged with his own peers?  I am very hopeful that this year will be a lot of growth, learning and joy.

Blessed: I know his school team wants his year to be successful and that they all have his best interest at heart.  This photo is just one more reminder of a patient and caring teacher that is encouraging him all along the way.  And what you don’t see in this photo is the amazing teacher who has guided and lead him for the last 2+ years taking him to circle time this morning and has prepared him for what to expect before entering his Kindergarten room.


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2 thoughts on “Kindergarten: Circle Time

  1. One day at a time is all we can do, and Cody Rivers approaches each day as a new adventure.
    He loves to learn and it is so evident in his beautiful smile. It is such an inspiration that you
    express your thoughts and concerns that makes us all aware of Cody’s journey. Thank you
    so much for sharing your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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