The Good Doctor

Having a tough time this morning.

Most of you witnessed pure joy seeing CR in his costume on social last night. I must admit it was pretty awesome watching how excited he got when I told him it was time to put on his Good Doctor costume and as you can see by the photos how Dr. Cody Rivers hammed it up with his 4 legged nurses by his side.  We were waiting with excitement for the arrival of brother and daddy to get home from work so we could go out trick or treating as a family.

615 We headed out and decided to take the trail behind the house to connect to a busier neighborhood.  Once we hit the end of the trail at the top of the street, just like that it triggered a meltdown.  He wanted to turn back around and go home.  He pointed with his entire hand and said over and over, “Let’s go that way.  Let’s go that way. Let’s go that way.”  We nudged a little more and even made it across the street and close to the first house and it just got worse.

Sometimes we don’t know why. You play the moment over and over trying to determine all the sensory triggers like was it the dogs barking behind the neighbors fence, was it something we said, was it the plane flying over, did something happen in his day that finally boiled over?  Could it have been prevented?

Then it hits you that this was the exact spot where he did not like to cross the road on his bike rides recently. Why? In all seriousness, we really don’t know why.  For whatever reason, to him that exact spot something happened and he has not forgotten and he just could move past it last-night.

So just like that, we headed home.

When he started to calm down, just as any school night, we started bedtime routine. I took a quick shower (needing a pause and a quick cry myself) and when I got out Cody came walking in wearing my shoes and asked me to, “put on shirt.”  What breaks my heart the most about all of this is I truly believe he was trying in is way to say he was sorry.  He does not owe any apology to anyone.  We have noticed after he has a meltdown he tends to shows us in random ways.  It crushes me because I know he can not help it.

Here is the thing, we have already learned not to set our expectations high and believe me we have already learned this but still it does not make it any easier.   In our hearts, we know Cody wanted to trick or treat and unfortunately last night a hurdle jumped in our way unexpectedly.

His courage and strength is stronger than any person you will ever meet and I remind him of that all the time.   Next year, we will try again (multiple trials) and maybe hit more trunk or treats and fall festivities before Halloween too so he can enjoy in some of that childhood fun too!

What we can’t lose site of is all the amazing progress he has gained over the last few weeks just because of one hurdle.  Tomorrow is a new day.


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Bio My name is Shelley Neustupa. I am a mother of two cool boys and a wife of 22 years to my high school sweetheart. My oldest son attends the University of Oklahoma. Boomer! My youngest is in 2nd grade and was diagnosed with Autism and Mixed Receptive Expressive Disorder at age 2. Since his diagnosis, I promised him I would advocate and educate as hard as he works each day in therapy. I began writing and have been able to touch many parents that may be new to this journey providing them with actual experiences (not candy coated), support and resources through my entries. Writing is my therapy and my hope one day that my nonverbal son will be able to take these diaries and speak about his own journey and how autism relates to his own experiences. Who knows he and his older brother may become National Speaker’s one day? Come along on our journey to better understand our lives through the eyes of a boy with autism, his Skilled Companion dog Jude, his big brother (and best friend) and mom and dad. My raw vulnerability captures the everyday moments of our journey and will bring even more awareness. A week does not go by where we do not learn something new about ourselves and I want to share these chapters with you. My Sons Undeniable Strengths… Extremely smart and figures out things quickly. Has a memory that allows him to remember more things than I could ever hope for. Persuasive by his personality and sheepish looks. Overabundance of stamina and strength. Loves the outdoors. Enjoys life and always has fun with an unforgettable smile. You can find us here: Writer: Autism Through His Eyes Facebook Instagram YouTube Pinterest Canine Companions for Independence News Interview Cody and Skilled Companion Jude - Our Story

2 thoughts on “The Good Doctor

  1. Cody was no more planning a meltdown anymore than you were. It just happens at times you least expect it. He cannot control them. Your words today are very therapeutic for those of us who become
    sad about his meltdowns. You truly do remind us in your blog of all the positive progress that Cody has made. We know how brave and courageous Cody is. He is the most good natured and happy kid I have ever known. Thank you for your blog today.


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