10,433 Hours


This is how many therapy hours Cody has attended!

We have had several ask what we are doing these days in regards to Cody’s therapies and schooling. I must say I am so proud of this kid (again, I know). His learning has soared through this crazy Pandemic and something has truly shifted into this very hardworking brain of his.   His data has been soaring in ABA and I receive weekly reports on successes at school.  The combined of both, are just confirmation that what we are doing is working!  Seem to have a perfect blend for him right now.  Yes, we are missing more engagement with his peers but his teachers are making as many opportunities as possible and so are we!   

We chose a hybrid plan for his schooling that started August 2020.  So how does this look for us?  


  • He attends (physically at school)  one on one with his primary teacher twice weekly focused on his IEP goals.
  • He attends (at school) twice weekly morning meeting with his peers for pledges, weather, greetings, calendar and learning various fun facts as we travel around the World.   
  • He has a co-treatment session (at school) twice weekly with his Occupational Therapist and Speech Therapist.
  • **A lot of his goals were focused around socialization so his teachers and therapists are getting super creative to give Cody those opportunities while in person.
  • He attends (at home) virtually an online curriculum that we do daily. (This learning includes, reading, math, art, music, STEM and PE.)
  • He attends (at home) 3 days a week a daily virtual meeting with his peers. We greet each other, have a question of the day, discuss the weather, calendar and fun facts about the country we are learning about that week.

    **In no way do I consider this “homeschooling” I am supervising, but his teachers are doing the heavy lifting and providing us with the resources we need.   

ABA In Home Therapy:

We have been focused on communication (as always) and engagement since the start of school.  Some programs they are using Language for Learning curriculum.  This provides him the knowledge and understanding of language he needs to achieve proficiency and reading comprehension. It’s an oral language program teaching him the words, concepts, and statements important to both oral and written language.  It basically gives him the foundation and the essential tools and understanding to foster continued educational success as he moves up grades.  They once probed and tried to use this program and was not ready and now knocking it out of the park!

Recently, we added to the mix a program called Hear Builder.  This builds on following directions, phonological awareness, sequencing and auditory memory skills.  This program will strengthen literacy ability in listening, memory and comprehension.  We did a 60 day trial on this software but we will most likely add permanently if he continues at the speed he is learning.

There is something happening that I can not explain but seeing a great shift in our Cody Rivers and have now for the last three months.  I get photos and progress updates while he attends that short time at school and it just solidifies what we are doing at home right now is giving him great success mixed in with a hybrid plan at school.

These are recent photos shared.

The “I spy” is now 3/4 “ lined paper and therapist will soon eliminate the boxed boundaries for each letter to focus on spacing between words.  This is an incredible jump to his handwriting skills.  His typing is still best so we are working on these skills too.    

He used pictures to do addition just a month ago and today he was doing this assignment without counting pictures!  Looks like he missed only one!

Math a month ago with pictures:

His Occupational Therapist has a Wall of Fame for Writing and he has made it on the wall twice this year for these fine motor projects! He was the first for December to make the wall!

In Home ABA Recent Life Skill Successes:

  • The kiddo is now popping his own popcorn!
  • Making his own lunch and cleaning up.
  • He is zipping up his own jacket.
  • Rides his bike with safety first all over Highland Village!
  • Last year we went to the doctor’s office 8 times to get him prepared before his actual wellness check visit. This year we practiced at home only with Pandemic and he rocked it at docs office a month ago!  Of course I contribute this success because of Jude too.  We even practiced the flu mist and got it too!
  • Takes the trash cans down to the curb.
  • Lets dogs in and outside.
  • Gets mail from box.
  • Delivers Amazon packages to neighbor.
  • A magical spark for Christmas happened this year which was super fun to experience.  
  • He has started making his own bed.
  • (And the list goes on but these are the most recent life skills. )

Practicing for doctor:

At doctor’s office:

We just received insurance authorization for the kick start of 2021 and was approved for 28.50 hours for next 6 months!  Excited to see what’s ahead for ’21. Let’s do this! ~ Happy New Year!  

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  1. I am so proud that Cody has made such remarkable progress! The teachings and support of
    his parents, therapists, and teachers is so great. I wish for everyone to continue their
    efforts in helping our adorable Cody.

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