Embrace Differences

Is it autistic behavior? Or is it all human behavior?

Think about this, some people with autism often flap, jump, sway or maybe loud. If you broaden your lens at a baseball game, you will notice similar behaviors in all humans on and off the field. What happens when someone hits a homerun? The fans and the players all scream and jump up and down. Sometimes, players sway back and forth on the field for concentration on the batter, just as autistics do. Me personally, when I hold a baby, I immediately start swaying back and forth, its calming for me, predictable and I feel in control. Same goes for autistics.

People with autism may do these behaviors more often than some people but all humans have similar behaviors.

What if…..

Instead of treating a person with autism to be solved, what if we treat this person to be understood?

Recently I dove into a great read, Uniquely Human by Barry M.Prizant, PHD and he shares about a British Autistic named Rose, can’t remember her last name but her Mantra is, “If I do something you don’t understand, keep asking me Why? Why? Why?

I loved this thinking.

If we start to embrace our differences and share the “why” behind some of our behaviors, wouldn’t we have a more understanding and acceptance in our world? 

When you observe a child that may be different or behave in a way that is confusing, ask them or their parent why.

For instance, Cody truly enjoys the outdoors. And especially collecting twigs and sliding them down one at time in a very structured way on his playground slide. He often looks at them separately and will yell out what letter each twig looks like. Very creative on his part! If you’re not paying attention he may squeal loudly versus using words. Some suddenly think he’s misbehaving or that he’s anxious. When in fact he is very happy and excited and just can’t find the choice of words to use to express his excitement. Of course we quickly give him some words to use instead but until he learns, feel free to tap into me and ask me why. I would love to share with you Cody‘s human behaviors.

We don’t need to change or fix Cody. We need to understand him.

Published by mamalamaneustupa

Bio My name is Shelley Neustupa. I am a mother of two cool boys and a wife of 22 years to my high school sweetheart. My oldest son attends the University of Oklahoma. Boomer! My youngest is in 2nd grade and was diagnosed with Autism and Mixed Receptive Expressive Disorder at age 2. Since his diagnosis, I promised him I would advocate and educate as hard as he works each day in therapy. I began writing and have been able to touch many parents that may be new to this journey providing them with actual experiences (not candy coated), support and resources through my entries. Writing is my therapy and my hope one day that my nonverbal son will be able to take these diaries and speak about his own journey and how autism relates to his own experiences. Who knows he and his older brother may become National Speaker’s one day? Come along on our journey to better understand our lives through the eyes of a boy with autism, his Skilled Companion dog Jude, his big brother (and best friend) and mom and dad. My raw vulnerability captures the everyday moments of our journey and will bring even more awareness. A week does not go by where we do not learn something new about ourselves and I want to share these chapters with you. My Sons Undeniable Strengths… Extremely smart and figures out things quickly. Has a memory that allows him to remember more things than I could ever hope for. Persuasive by his personality and sheepish looks. Overabundance of stamina and strength. Loves the outdoors. Enjoys life and always has fun with an unforgettable smile. You can find us here: Writer: Autism Through His Eyes Facebook Instagram YouTube Pinterest Canine Companions for Independence News Interview Cody and Skilled Companion Jude - Our Story

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